What is DENDAMA?

Kendama players can connect their Dendama with an app that enables them to play against people around the world. By connecting your Dendama and your smartphone, many games can be fully enjoyed together. There are various games to play such as the quest mode, battle mode and many more. Dendama is a smart kendama and expands throughout the world! Connect Dendama with your phone and play against other players around the world!

Rating &

The rating is defined by the skill level. Your class changes also according to the rating. The order of categories begins with Novice and rises to I1, H1, H2, G1, G2, F1, F2, F3, E1, E2, E3, D1, D2, D3, C1, C2, B1, B2, A1.

An e-Kendama competition based on your class is also in the planning. That’s why please make sure to have fun while training!
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You can play Dendama with various games


The first player chooses the trick he wants to challenge with. If the player fails that specified the trick, it is the opponent’s turn to choose. After the second player failed, the whole process starts all over again. When the player succeeds that chose the trick and the skill level, but the opponent fails, the opponent receives a penalty. The penalty for the first failure is “K”, followed by “E” as the second penalty and “N” as the third failure. The first player that gets all three penalties loses.


Time Attack is a game that focuses on speed. In this game, up to two players can compete against each other by performing tricks successfully within 60 seconds. After the three second lasting countdown, the chosen trick and its skill level are displayed. Within 60 seconds, perform successfully as many tricks as possible (you may skip tricks that you cannot perform yet). You can complete ten tricks per match in total and the category changes according to your skill level.


ATTACK OR CURE is a game to find out what to do – attack or survive. First, either choose attack or defense. The attacking player succeeds if three tricks have been successfully performed as fast as possible. The game ends if the HP fall to zero or ten rounds have been played. If both players still have HP, the opponent that has more HP wins the game.


Otodama is a music game. In accordance with the rhythm, catch the ball attached to your Dendama with its small, big and base cup and spike. Try to get the timing right and let us aim for the full combo.


Trick List contains all Kendama tricks that offers the opportunity to practice them as much as you wish.

Kendama Kentei (Test)

Kendama Kentei (Test) is a game mode that provides challenges for the players. The levels range from simple to difficult tricks. Let’s practice tricks that you could not perform before by watching the tutorials.


JIN DASH is a game set up in phases. If you succeed in the respective trick that your position requires you to perform, you can occupy the position. Both, ability and strategy are essential in that game in order to occupy the positions of your opponent.


Rush Hour is a game where blocks fall down in the playing fields. If you successfully perform a trick, the block falls into the opponent’s field. If you perform more difficult tricks, more blocks will fall down faster into the field of your opponent.


Various small games are available in this section! Let’s enjoy Dendama together and play Mini Games in many different ways.


Let’s explore Dendama together by watching the tutorial videos.